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E.W. Training

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Special Promotions:

Summer Sizzler Special!!!

3 months unlimited classes including the kettlebell essentials class and a free gift (while supplies last) for $259 prepaid.

Already taken the kettlebell essentials class within the past year? You prepay only $229.
Available May 1st through June 30. Active for 3 months following the first class.
Prepaid classes must be completed by the end of September.


Take the ADVOCARE 24 Day Challenge™ and get 24 days of fitness classes free at EWT.
Check out the 24-Day Challenge™ now.

“I would highly recommend Michelle and E. W. Training for anyone who is tired of that old conventional gym, or is just looking to get started in a program.” -J.F. Woodstock

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McHenry County's #1
Functional Strength Training Center


Kettle Bells

Check out our classes and see what makes E.W.Trainging different then a gym.


Our classes can accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. From those just starting out to more challenging levels.


Flexablility moves are an important part of many of our classes.

24-Day Challenge

Are You Ready to Change Your Mind & Body about Health & Fitness? Are you looking to Lose Weight and Build Functional Muscles? Are you Bored with your current workout or gym? Need help with weight management, energy, overall body composition or overall wellness? Join EWT for the ADVOCARE 24-Day Challenge™. You can start anytime but why wait? Jump start the new year now!
Take the ADVOCARE 24 Day Challenge™ and get 24 days of fitness classes free at EWT.
Check out the 24-Day Challenge™ now.

E.W. Training Workouts involve sweat, heaving breathing, and hard work. We will push your body past its comfort zone, but we promise you...YOU WILL LOVE THE RESULTS! Whether you are training with our Ropes, Kettlebells, Body Weight Training, TRX, Power Circuit, Boxing, or some combination of the above, we will take you to levels of fitness and functional strength that you've never imagined.

We believe that everyone is a warrior...you could just be on a fitness-leave of absence! Don't worry about not being strong enough...or not being tough enough. Our clients are at all fitness levels - from beginner to intermediate to competitive athletes and special combat forces! Whatever your fitness level, we help you set your goals and then most importantly, we help you realize them.

Our training involves full-body, dynamic motions that incorporate entire muscle groups. IT'S ALL ABOUT MUSCLE CONFUSION! Rather than focusing on one muscle for muscle building, our workouts move your entire body in a way that builds true functional strength, helping you to look and feel great while building strength for real life.

Membership at E.W. Training includes:

We look forward to helping you in your quest for Fitness Excellence!


Our trainers are Russian Kettlebell and Hardstyle KettleBell Certified. See our Kettlebell page for more information on our Kettlebell classes.